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    Spot on with that tank. It's an odd place for something like that! I reckon No7 is the Topspot. On Carlton hill. The lifebelt's got to be out at Colwick if it's in our area and the oval gentleman is a pub down near the big Tescos but I'm not saying which!

    By CarltonMac at 10:09 on 29/10/11

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    The Tank pictured above can be seen sitting on the front gates at the Carlton TA Centre whihch is based in front of the Cemtery and opposite the Police Station on cavendish road carlton.

    By Mabbsta at 17:13 on 28/10/11

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    Hmm, I think I know about half of them, they're a bit tricky. I thought No7 was Wetherspoons but I have been passed since and it is not. I got the tank too. I think 2 and 3 are both pubs - not that that is any sign of my miss-spent youth!

    By Dancing_Diva at 16:45 on 16/10/11

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    Oh-ho, they're getting harder now. I thought I was being clever getting the tank, but then I carried on.........

    By FreeForester at 19:29 on 11/10/11

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    Here's a new game to keep you busy as the nights draw in!

    Over the next couple of weeks I'll be out and about in Carlton snapping away with my cameras at some well-known landmarks and features.

    All YOU have to do is use your noddle to take a guess at where they are.

    If you think you know where the landmark is, please add a comment on the website.
    Can you be first to get them all right?

    There will be at least two more installments, and at the end I'll reveal the true locations.

    By Patrick__ at 18:53 on 09/10/11

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